Welcome to Polka Day Care Ltd an independent, not for profit charity providing the very best in childcare arrangements to suit busy, caring parents.

Rebecca and the penguin

Rebecca with the penguin (rubbish bin)

Polka Day Care Ltd., is based in Wells Surestart Children's Centre, Polka Road, Wells-next-the-Sea.  The children's centre is situated on Wells Primary and Nursery School site, but is completely independent of the school. The great advantage to sharing this site is the convenience for parents whose children attend the school or nursery.

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Outside Play Area on a cold and frosty morning

Aims : To provide a high quality, affordable day care service for parents and children in the local community and the surrounding area.

Our aims for children in our care under the age of five, are based on the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. We aim to provide a curriculum for children through play experiences and opportunities that will support and promote their overall development in a safe, stimulating and caring environment. We encourage and support children in becoming independent, confident and co-operative with positive attitudes and respect for others.

We provide activities taking into account the child's stage of development, based on their individual needs,  and curiosity.

Polka Day Care has recently been inspected by Ofsted and received  a 'Good' report.

The Ofsted Inspector had the following to say:-

  Children are confident and show good levels of independence for their age, as a result of staff practice. They receive nurturing care and encouragement to explore their environment and engage in varied activities, which are based around their interests.

  The setting is child-centred and well organised. Staff undertake thorough observations, which are reflected in the planning to meet the unique needs of every child. This ensures that every child makes good progress in their learning and development from their starting point.

  Children feel safe and secure in their relationships with staff. The strong key person system, built around effective settling-in arrangements, strengthens relationships with the children and their families and supports continuity between nursery and home life.

  Partnerships with parents are very well fostered, as staff work hard to ensure there is a joint approach to children's care and learning. 

You can download the full report here: 'Ofsted Report 2013'